Coached Visitation is the process in which Visit Supervisors take on the role of a "coach" during visits, cueing and modeling appropriate interaction for the Visiting Party. The practice of Coached Visitation brings traditional supervised visitation to the next level as the visiting party is working towards additional goals beyond that of achieving alternate or unsupervised visits. The Visiting Party establishes specific goals for their visits, focusing on how to meet their children's needs. Such needs can include following their child's lead in play, asking about or assisting with school work, providing effective praise, or even modeling appropriate behavior. Visiting parties must meet with their Visit Supervisor before and after each visit in order to discuss the interaction during the visit, how the interaction might be improved in the future, and to provide encouragement for continued efforts towards established goals. In essence, through the process of Coached Visitation, parents and loved ones are reminded to consistently focus their efforts on meeting their children's needs.

Please call for more information regarding supervised visitation services, applicable fees, and to schedule a Registration Interview.

Therapeutic visitation services are offered for parents in need of additional support and direction in appropriately responding to their children's emotional needs. Visiting Parents are encouraged to focus on their children's needs, engage in positive interaction as well as appropriate conversation. If children bring up difficult conversations and/or questions, Visiting Parents are assisted in responding appropriately, in a manner in accordance with their children's age and developmental level. Parents and children can be met with individually, as needed. Protecting children's well being and meeting their needs is consistently the goal of all services provided by LIVFS.

Additionally, families can sometimes begin with, or progress to, off-site visits, at which point visit locations are discussed, agreed upon, and scheduled in advance, allowing ample planning time for all parties. Visit Supervisors can meet families at the agreed upon location and facilitate the 'exchange' of the children in order for parties to avoid any negative interactions. In some cases, Visiting Parents or loved ones may be approved to provide transportation for the children, along with their Visit Supervisor, from one location to another during a visit, utilizing the Visiting Parent or loved one's vehicle. Visits may also be held at the home of either party, when appropriate and when agreed upon by all parties.

*All services are offered during flexible hours seven days a week in order to accommodate various schedules, with limited availability on Sundays. Visits are scheduled with each family individually at convenient times for all parties. All fees are payable by cash, money order, or credit card. *


**NOTE: For the safety and protection of all children, LIVFS staff are Mandated Reporters and therefore must report any incidents of suspected child abuse to the New York Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment.**

Home Evaluations

Evaluators extensively review the home in order to provide the information needed to move forward. Evaluations are detailed, accurate and thorough, following our comprehensive checklist. Parties should provide a detailed listing of concerns regarding the home to ensure all concerns are addressed during evaluation. Attorneys and/or the Attorney for the Child may also provide additional information to be addressed during the evaluation. Home evaluations can be done relatively quickly when all parties offer flexible meeting times.

Please call for more information regarding home evaluation services, applicable fees, and to schedule an evaluation appointment.

Parent Education Services

"Common Sense Parenting" workshops, which are six or seven weeks in length depending on the ages of your children, are offered during both day and evening hours throughout the week, with Saturday times available as well. This research based curriculum offers easily understood methods of positive discipline which are also easy to implement. Information is presented on such topics as: parents as teachers, reasonable expectations, effective praise, preventive teaching, corrective teaching, and teach self-control. Participants receive a parent handbook which is theirs to keep, along with a folder to store weekly handouts. Additionally, all participants who fulfill the necessary requirements, including attendance and participation requirements, will receive a certificate of completion which may be needed to satisfy court mandates. Workshops are facilitated by certified parent trainers as well as professionally trained staff who will assist participants in understanding the material presented. Light refreshments are made available during classes, which average two hours in length. New cycles of each curriculum begin every two to three weeks in order to allow participants to choose dates that best fit their schedules.


Please call for information regarding dates, applicable fees, and to register.

Supervised Visitation Services

Long Island Visitation & Family Services, Inc., is a member of both the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN), an international membership organization for providers of supervised visitation and access services, as well as the local New York State Chapter. As such LIVFS applies the standards of practice and code of ethics published by the Network. Long Island Visitation & Family Services, Inc. offers services which allow for children to have a safe and comfortable environment during visits with their parents or loved ones. Parties meet with LIVFS staff individually for the required registration interview, at which time background information is discussed and guidelines for participation are reviewed. Visits can be held on-site, in our family-friendly secure visitation area, where families can enjoy various games and activities together. Families are encouraged to fully interact with one another, have a meal or snacks together, and take family photos. Trained staff monitors all interaction and conversation during visits, intervening only when necessary to ensure the children's comfort and well-being. Information regarding visits and the family's participation in the program is accurately documented and compiled into a detailed Interaction Report which is forwarded to the presiding judge and/or the Attorney for the Child, pending notification by the parties of upcoming court appearances or conferences. LIVFS staff serves as a neutral party among families in need of supervised visitation services, thereby acting in the children's best interests. This approach allows children, parents, and loved ones to have positive memories while navigating through the circumstances they may be experiencing.